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Dealers' Meets

Big Deal? Make it Happen at Resort Country Club

Are you expecting a meeting with your dealers soon? If you haven’t decided any place, then leave it on us. We are your best partners when it comes to impress your clients or pull off a deal in a better way. We are one of the chief dealers meets locations in Gurugram and have successfully entertained hundreds of meetings.

A Perfect Place for Your Meeting

It is important that you choose an elegant and alluring place while planning a meeting. Because of the royal amenities and beautiful surrounding, we proudly say that Resort Club is the foremost dealers meets location in Manesar. The hotel offers 10 state-of-the-art Conference Halls of different sizes (largest 9000 sq. ft. & smallest 500 sq. ft.) to accommodate different sized events. Contact us right away!

We Entertain Every Kind of Occasion

Resort Country Club is one of the foremost corporate party packages providers and has a huge clientele across the whole Gurugram. Because of our impeccable packages and quality services during the stay, our clients keep returning to us for all their small or big events.

Resort Country Club

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