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What to expect from a destination wedding venue in Gurgaon?


A destination wedding is a type of wedding where a couple decides to celebrate it away from their hometown. In recent years, destination weddings are gaining popularity in India. Just imagine the scenario, luxurious setting, your close friends and family witnessing, all-time music, and awaiting food delicacies to savor. It gives you full control over the preparation without stressing you like any regular wedding. So, let's delve a bit deeper into what all things one should look for in a destination wedding venue in Gurgaon.

Spacious setting

Marriage involves a lot of sanctity in which you want as many members to witness. Unfortunately, there are not many places you could do that, except in a luxurious resort. A wedding resort can comfortably accommodate your long list of guests. A resort can give the option of both indoor and an open-air setting simultaneously. It is also ideal for the pre-wedding shoot venue in Gurgaon because of the green and picturesque environment.

Great food

All lavishness and pompous settings look dull without great food at a wedding. People will always remember the food they had at a wedding if it is great. Experienced chefs in luxurious resorts will serve your guests with a range of delicacies to remember forever. From lip-smacking starter to the appetizing main course, they have some of the most excellent picks for you according to your preferences. There is also no restriction to only Indian food, and they have all types of convenient arrangements to serve your guest with any palette.

Memorable music

How is it even possible to imagine an Indian wedding without music? The importance of good music is immense in a wedding setting. It works to refresh the guests and sets a memorable ambiance of good vibes all around. So, when you go for a destination wedding venue in Gurgaon, make sure they provide the option of a musical band. The reason is pre-recorded music appears monotonous and dull while band music infuses life in the party.


Regular weddings always demand a fortune from your side. On top of that, the pre-wedding planning, arrangements, post-wedding responsibilities, all take a considerable toll. But the scene is different when you book a resort for your wedding that too at a more affordable price. Just imagine yourself not concerning any preparatory obligations and just savoring every moment of wedding with your family. The luxurious resorts sort each of those concerns with their unwavering hospitality and customer satisfaction goals.

The conclusion

So, there is more to a wedding than just a simple wedding ceremony. You need a lot of boxes to click before making a wedding a memorable one. As per our discussion, planning a wedding in a resort has its set of advantages over a regular wedding. But before committing to a destination wedding venue in Gurgaon, make sure they stand to every expectation of yours. For only a simple reason, there is more to a wedding than just a wedding.

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