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When planning the big fat Indian wedding, you must realize that you are not only investing financially but emotionally also. After all, we are wed once in a lifetime. No wonder weddings are so extravagant. Every minute detail needs a lot of planning ahead of time. From selecting a spectacular venue, decorations, flowers to the food menu for the wedding, everything requires a lot of meticulous planning. And, searching for a wedding location is no doubt a difficult task to complete. If everything involved in the wedding were available under one roof, then the burden would be much less, and one could enjoy every moment of the wedding.

Best Western Resort Country Club- PC is one of the best resorts in Manesar and is thus perfect for the big fat Indian wedding. This resort has a huge lush green lawn if you are planning for an outdoor event. If outdoors is not your way, then the banquet halls of the resort are splendid for a small gathering. Whether you choose an outdoor event or an indoor event, the food served will be finger-licking good.

People will remember your wedding for the food

The resort has special chefs who are experienced enough and thus can handle multiple cuisines and a variety of food for the wedding. And like we all know the lavish wedding and the pompous decorations are incomplete without the magnificent princely dishes laid down all around.

The wedding event starts with appetizers served before the main course. Pani puri or golgappa is almost a must at any wedding. Apart from this quintessential starter, aloo tikka, fish fingers, small chicken finger rolls stuffed with cheese, golden fried prawns, and many more different types of appetizers are also served in the wedding events. It is usually a mixture of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, to accommodate the guests with varied preferences when it comes to their food platter. 

There is also a live beverage stall, which serves an exciting range of fresh fruit juices, thirst-quenching delicious mocktails and, cold drinks. Tea and hot coffee need no introduction, as in every wedding one will find one stall dedicated to all the tea and coffee lovers.

And then the lavishly cooked main course starts

After the appetizers, the tables are set for the main course. The main course includes different dishes prepared by the chefs of the resort and is so flavourful and inviting that every single guest will want to eat more. For instance, dishes served include Paneer and corn pasanda, butter chicken, grilled fish, zafrani pulao, live kulcha, and naan counters, smoked dal makhani. However, these are to name a few. There are some of the most delectable items served in an Indian wedding, but the chefs of the resort are also accustomed to handling different cuisines like Italian, the Mediterranean, Mongolian and many more, as per the client's taste. And what is more exciting all these in a budget. This is the best location for your budget wedding venue in Manesar.

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