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Wedding in Gurgaon: Make Advance Preparations



A wedding is special and one can embellish it by choosing the best amenities and making top class preparations for this event. Sure, those who don't have the “green thumb” for arranging events can leave all preparations to the professionals because they have years of experience helping new couples get married. Let us take a look at what goes into preparing for this event if one is doing everything without any outside help.


Start with the people you want


It all begins with the guest list. The bride and the groom have to get together and make a list of all the people they want to invite to the meet. This will undergo several changes when their parents go over the list but the first draft must come from them. Here you will be able to set the budget for the wedding feast and ceremony. Hindu ceremonies are long-drawn with pujas and feasts whereas Christian weddings tend to be short and to the point. But the invitees must be put into the list first.


Once you have an estimate of the number of guests, you can arrange for the wedding hall, reception, and the food. If you use professionals, you only need to give them the number and they will give a choice of venues and you only need to pick one that is convenient to both the bride and the groom. They will have a number of catering services lined up so you can tell them your budget and the choice of food. It will help if you can narrow the choices down by suggesting it be near a specific location like a church or a temple. In this manner, it is possible to get the Best wedding halls in Gurgaon because here you get plenty of choices.



Make the event grand with the best food offerings


The choice of food will help you decide on who will do the catering for you. It might be a vegetarian meal or one where you have chicken kebabs and mutton biryani. You will have specialist cooks for both the options. Choose a separate chef to make sweets as this item is always done by a specialist.


The wedding hall owner will have contacts with the decorators. Once you ask him, he will put you through to them. They will ask what level of decoration you need, the type of flowers, and the wall hangings you will use. He might be able to give you the garlands to use for the ceremony or you could arrange this on your own from the local flower supplier.


Getting the priest for the ceremonyFor a Hindu wedding, you will need a pujari or a temple priest to do the rites. For Christians, one must arrange for a priest from the church. As always, at the Best wedding halls in Gurgaon, you will have regular priests ready to perform the rites needed at the wedding. Gurgaon is a leading metropolitan area in India and so one will not have any trouble getting what one needs for the wedding ceremony.

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