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Essential Tips to Plan a Wedding in Style in Gurgaon



Being one of the biggest events in the life of an individual, the wedding must be thought out carefully and executed with precision. Since lots of people are involved, it needs lots of time so that one could adjust the schedule to accommodate everyone who wants to participate. And, it will involve a lot of expense that must be divided among the groom and family as per the traditions of their religion.


Follow the traditions


This is important because it gives fulfillment to the ceremony. It includes the traditional puja performed by qualified priests from the temple, the observance of rites before and after the puja, and the traditional wedding feast. For this, one must approach the priests as soon as the guest list for the wedding is finalized. The priest will suggest a couple of auspicious dates and the bride and groom will choose a convenient one.



Start with a good wedding hall and pick a good caterer


Once the wedding date is fixed, the search is on for the wedding halls in Gurgaon assuming the couple is from there. Most halls will provide good cooking space and waiting area along with sufficient parking. The hall itself should be decorated and garlands must be provided so that the guests can bless the couple in the traditional way.


If there is enough cooking space, then you only need to search for a cooking team. They will prepare the meals that are befitting a wedding. If there is no cooking space (as it happens when you choose a budget wedding hall), you will need to hire a catering service. They will prepare the meal at some other place and bring it to the hall in time for the feast. There are many five-star hotels that make a good choice of a location for a wedding celebration.


Get a music band fixed


No celebration is complete without music. The live band will pep up flagging spirits with its lively tempo and keep guests refreshed through the long ceremony. You will find many local bands by asking the wedding hall owner. He will know about the bands that play regularly at the wedding halls in Gurgaon and will be able to suggest some who do not charge too much and play decent music. Most bands will be proficient at playing traditional wedding music.


Make the invitations for the guests

The entire event revolves around this little item. The bride and the groom have to get together and decide the list of people who they want at their wedding. Most of the people on the list will be approved by their parents and so one arrives at the number of people who will attend the wedding. This will give an estimate of the budget and the other things like arranging a caterer and a wedding hall big enough to accommodate all the guests will follow one by one.

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