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Things To See Before Planning An Outdoor Wedding


Wedding trends have been changing over the years with varieties being incorporated into marriage like outdoor venues, themed weddings and much more. If you are planning to make your wedding bit different from others by taking it outdoors, you have the best wedding lawns in Gurgaon to fulfill your wishes. However, there are few things to be taken care of while planning an outdoor wedding.

1. Weather

The weather of the month that you plan to get married in needs to be seen beforehand. It is always best to put up a tent for the outdoor location as a precaution for the guests, decorations and even for yourself. No one would want to be drenched in rain or dulled out in sun exposure while attending a wedding.

2. An indoor space close by

Make sure there is an indoor space close to your outdoor venue. This would help in cases of sudden weather changes or even if some wants to spend time indoors. Elderly guest, kids and others who need extra care would find it feasible. You can always opt for a luxury resort in Gurgaon where there are exotic wedding lawns as well.

3. Costs

The costs of an outdoor venue might be slightly higher than that of indoor. You will also have to see about the cost of materials to be rented like tents and seating arrangements. If you are booking a wedding banquet hall in Gurgaon to conduct an after party or serve food, then those also has to be put under the list.


This is another important thing to be considered while looking for outdoor spaces to conduct wedding. You need to have a permit to use the space for conducting the wedding. Make sure that loud music and noise do not disturb others around the area while you do so.

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