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Explore Kitty Party Games for some Real Fun


Kitty party is an excellent and a modern way for ladies to get together and enjoy some social time with their friends. These parties can be organized in several ways, be it tradition or themed. Food and games are the two integral parts of kitty party that can double the fun and make party exciting and interesting. Below are listed some fabulous kitty party games for having some real fun. So, if there is an upcoming get together in your house then add these games to your kitty party and enjoy great level of excitement and thrill.

Fruit Themed Games

As the name implies, this game revolves around fruits. In this, you have to pace a fruit on the table and cover the same with black cloth. Now, each member of the party will have to come, touch the fruit without lifting cloth and write the name of the fruit on a white paper. The winner will be the lady who first writes down the name of the correct fruit. To add the twist, you can also change the fruit every time. Book the best kitty party venue in Gurgaon and enjoy this exciting game.

Bollywood theme games

Bollywood is always the buzzing topic in kitty parties and thus games related to the same are always exciting. This particular game requires nothing except pen and paper. Write down the names of some popular Bollywood actors and give one minute time to all the ladies to write at least one of their famous dialogues. The winner will be the one who completes the game within least possible time.

DIY themed games

Being the host, you have to give some basic materials to your guests such as lace, thermocol, pin, glue, scissors etc and give them 5 minutes time to make whatever creative they can think.

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